REMOLINO ensemble (Emil Jakovlev - violin, Oleg Gulevsky - bayan, Sergej Oleshkovsky - guitar, Mikhail Blekher – piano, Kirill Grigoriev - double-bass) was created in 2005.
To the time the group was born, each of its participants already gained a reputation and love of S-Petersburg’s music audience as bright musicians of different city’s ensembles and orchestras.
The general point of REMOLINO’s creation, as musicians say, was a big interest to Piazzolla’s music,
especially to his original works for quintet. The quintet with such instruments as violin, bandoneon, guitar, piano and double-bass was a favorite one for Piazzolla, he worked with the cast the most part of his life, and created a lot of music in that genre.
Cast of REMOLINO corresponds to Piazzolla’s one with a small nuance-instead of bandoneon - bayan plays. Inspiring audience reaction at first stage appearance of young ensemble witnessed not only a birth of a new wonderful performing group, but yet about a big interest and curiosity of audience and music-lovers to Piazzolla’s creativity, to works of a Master, who is now one of the brightest representatives of modern Latin-American culture.
Each concert of REMOLINO, not important where it goes on, either in a Philharmonic hall or in a small club, collects a big audience, and is a real event in musical life of S-Petersburg.
REMOLINO ensemble cooperates actively with many famous Russian and foreign musicians. Among them are well-known singer from Argentina, unique performer of Argentinean Tango Gabriella Bergallo, russian champions in nomination Argentinean Tango,dansers Alexander & Natalia Berezhnov, Engineer Theater “AKHE”, Teatro di Capua, leading artists and actors of S-Petersburg and Moscow music- and dramatic theaters.
Concert Society of S-Petersburg constantly invites REMOLINO to take part in different projects.
Also the group frequently participates in international music festivals.
In 2007 REMOLINO launched into a new project – production of operita “Maria de Buenos-Aires” by Piazzolla. The idea was accomplished with Teatro di Capua and Engineer Theater “AKHE” in October 2007 (first performance – in Hermitage Theater of S-Petersburg). In 2009 the operita was nominated to a Golden Mask Premium Competition. In 2008 REMOLINO-quintet released 2 CD’s with the operita’s music.
The group has plenty of interesting creative plans: festivals in Argentina and Switzerland, new CD recordings, new programs performing.